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2 Storey ready for living Bulgarian country house in a large plot /150 km. from Sofia/
AdresseOhoden village
0 Vratsa county
Grundstücksgröße in m²2.000 m²
Wohnfläche in m²120 m²
€ 5.900,-
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Ohoden is a small and tranquil village 20km from Vratsa and 140km from capital Sofia with 2 shops,a post office,3 coffee shops and good internet and mobile connections. A river passes through the village and there are 4 water reservoirs around it.

The plot is 2000 sq.m with a big agricultural building and a number of fruit trees. The house itself is built on two floors, with 3 rooms and a corridor each.All rooms are repaired and ready for living.
Each floor is 60 sq.m. and all furniture is included in the price.
On the first floor there is a bathroom and toilet. In the garden there are 2 septic tanks, one for the toilet and one for dirty water.
The house is a massive building with stone walls in their bases,fat bricks and repaired roof.
The price for a yard with these dimensions and a massive house with an additional building is low. In spite of all negotiating is possible.

For more information, please, don't hesitate asking me.

Vratsa Region is situated in the eastern part of Northwestern Bulgaria. It is bounded by the regions of Montana, Lovech, Pleven and Sofia. To the north it borders the Danube, hence Romania. The territory of the region covers part of the Danubian plain and parts of the Balkan Mountains. The Ogosta, Skat and Iskar rivers cross the region. Map of District MontanaThe international highway Central Europe – Krajowa – Vidin – Sofia – Kulata – Thessalonica passes through Vratza Region too. The Iskar gorge connects the region to the lands situated south to the Balkan Mountains.
With its diverse, unique and beautiful nature Vratza Region offers great opportunities for tourism – amateur, ecological, rural, hunting, cave tourism and alpinism. Among the protected areas are the Vratza Balkan Nature Park, Vratza Karst Reserve, Ledenika Cave, Skaklya waterfall, Vratzata gorge of the Leva River, Bozhi Most (God’s bridge), a cliff bridge near the village of Lilyache, Ritlite cliff formations near Lyutibrod village, the 15 venerable oaks call
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