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Ready for living 2 storey country house in a big yard /a property 105 km. from Sofia/
AdresseG.Peshtene village
0 Vratsa county
Jährlicher Nettoertrag- €
Nutzfläche in m²2.800 m²
€ 10.500,-
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This property is in quiet area in Gorno Peshtene village, 17km from the town of Vratsa and 130km from the capital Sofia.A village without gypsy community.
The plot of 3000 sq.m. with 2 gates.It is one of the biggest in the village.
There are three agricultural buildings in the yard. The property is connected to the water mains but there is a well inside it as well.
The house is a 2 storey solid construction.Each floor is 65 sq.m. consisting of 4 rooms on each one and a corridor with stone stairs.
All furniture /electric appliances, beds, cupboards, wardrobes and everything else/ goes together with the house.It is not new,of course,but is in good condition and suitable for a start.The house is a massive building with stone walls in their bases,fat bricks and repaired roof.
All houses around are habitable and quiet friendly families live in them.This is one of main reasons 4 or 5 houses to be bought by British families.
The price for this big yard with all buildings in it is really not high. In spite of all it is under consideration.
For more information,please, don't hesitate asking me.
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